Camping Spiaggia

Description of the facility

Camping Spiaggia is a camping ground for adults and children, families, couples and lone travellers, for active people as well as for lovers of “pure relaxation”.
Immersed in greenery, the camping grounds have a private, tree-lined beach, with a beach-volley court, ping-pong tables, boathouse and games for small children. Our “Bar Miralago” is located directly on the lakeshore, where you can enjoy our exquisite drinks and the beautiful panorama of the lake.

During the months of april, may, june and september 2009 the owners of the ACSI-campingcard will pay only 13,00 euro a night for two persons and a place. The dog can come too, for free.

There are no animators in our camping ground to keep your children busy during the day, simply because adults and children have a good time together!
The children meet in the water, around the ping-pong tables to play, or simply to keep each other company. The teenagers go out by themselves along the lake, challenge each other to a game of beach volley or have a chat at the bar. Twice a week, a coach is available to take them to the discotheque, 9 km away.
Every once in a while the Bar Miralago offers a special evening with a band that plays live music in front of the bar or on the beach.

Our “macaronata” is an unforgettable party that takes place in July and August.
All of the guests bring tables and chairs to form a large circle on the beach, where they receive a plate of pasta and a drink or glass of wine. There’s no problem if you want “seconds” – and after that, the music starts. Some like to hop around the dance floor a little, while others prefer to listen, chatting and admiring the night-time view of the lake. Are there any guests who don’t have a photo of this unique party?

The beach volley court is often occupied by guests of every age. It happens quite frequently that we organise a beach volley tournament, together with some of the campers, but there are also ping-pong tournaments or mini-beach-soccer matches for the smaller children.

Informative material on the surrounding area is available at reception. It’s a pleasure for us to help our guests; we suggest a destination for an excursion, study an itinerary together, seek information on the Internet, call to check open hours or book guided tours.
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