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Dancing by the sea on the High Adriatic sea’s sweet beaches

If your holiday’s watchword is “fun”, then Veneto is the destination you were looking for! The golden beaches of Jesolo are the ideal meeting point for all who love the combo sun-sea-fun. This lively sea town is renowned for its rich nightlife: here it is easy to stay up the whole night between trendy clubs, cocktails bars and glamorous discotheques.

Besides nights clubs, Veneto also offers well-organized campsites and tourist villages with entertainment arranging lots of engaging activities for kids and grown-ups. Shows, group dances, baby dance, sports tournaments and games of every kind will be the leitmotif of your next holiday. In the daytime you can also engage in water sports and other open-air sports disciplines: Veneto’s well-equipped beaches rent every type of sports equipment, from jet-skis, to windsurf and beach volley fields.

Seek on the tourist village you like most based on the entertainment programme or the proximity with night clubs, and don’t forget that many holiday villages also come with a bar and discotheque. Amid a pool dive, an icy seaside cocktail and a few visits at the local night clubs fun will be guaranteed!

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