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Lombardy-based campsites amid nature and new trends

Find your campsite in Lombardy and come and live your experience in this region, which is a perfect mix of modernity and innovative and history, tradition and nature.

Book a stay in the name of open air and simplicity in one of our villages and campsites, and set off for the most avant-garde region of Italy!

Lombardy is ready to reveal all of its facets: from one of the best known cities in the world like Milan to the rice fields of its plains; from the monuments in Chiaravalle and Brescia to the amazing panoramic cycling path overlooking Lake Garda.

Lombardy is also a land that houses fine vineyards such as those producing Franciacorta, or delicious truffles like Mantua’s. The entire Lombard area around wonderful Lake Garda is instead the producer of one of the best and most delicate olive oils in Italy.

Innovation and tradition in Lombardy also affect the world of food. You will taste typical dishes on several trendy occasions such as the new country snacks, aperitif-dinners and gourmet dishes.

Enjoy your holiday