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Campsites and Villages by the Trabocchi Coast: waterfront emotions

The Trabocchi Coast, a fabled coastal trait unfurling from the province of Chieti to Vasto, Abruzzo’s last stretch, fits a slow-paced tourism made of lazy seaside awakenings, morning strolls and spells of intense contemplation. Here, amid one stilt house and another (the trabocchis) lies the highest concentration of tourist campsites and villages across the region.

Let’s start from Ortona, the first coastal bastion. The campsites located along the Trabocchi Coast and located in its destinations are enriched by the territory’s geomorphological features, meaning endless secluded beaches protected by picturesque rocky hills overlooking the sea’s pristine waters, well-suited for active and adventurous holidaymakers loving the outdoors. The same applies to the campsites along the Trabocchi Coast of San Vito Chietino, Rocca San Giovanni , one of Italy’s most stunning villages, and those based in Torino di Sangro.

From Fossacesia to Casalbordino the scenario changes again, allowing the presence of more spacious and equipped tourist villages on the Trabocchi Coast, suitable even for families with kids or bon vivants. Don’t miss the rocky coastline of Punta Cavalluccio, dotted with picturesque stilt houses (trabocchi). But it is in Vasto where open-air tourism reaches its pinnacle: because of its well-extended sandbar, its pristine waters and low seabeds, the town hosts campsites and villages by the Trabocchi Coast equipped with every comfort, wonderful infinity pools and excellent fish restaurants; from tennis courts and gold courses to children’s wide playgrounds; from wonderful equipped beaches to last-generation cocktail bars.

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