Camping Villaggio Telis

Description of the facility

The Telis Holiday Camp, situated in the wonderful bay of Porto Frailis is the only terraced Camp on the most beautiful sea in Italy.
Immersed in green eucaliptus and mimosa, surrounded by a wonderful mountain scenery and by a typical mediterranean bush, the Telis Holiday Camp still preserves the most peculiar of the values in the island: the warm hospitality of the sardinian people.

Situated amidst the Ogliastra scenery, the Camp has proved itself to be an ideal base to visit the hinterland, which abounds in sea and mountain landscapes, folk traditions, archaeological sites, sea fauna for those who are found of underwater fishing and sea sceneries for those who are keen on photography.

Equipped with all the facilities which are necessary to any first-rate Holiday camp, it is also able to put up many lovers of the open air who should be unprovided with own equipment in fully furnished structures such as bungalow, caravans or mobile Houses.

Beach, rocks, green, neatness, hospitality and quietness are our best references.
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