Camping Pedra & Cupa

Description of the facility

Camping Bungalow Pedra & Cupa has 230 large and perfectly shady plots for its guests who seek the peace and quiet of a vacation in the open air.

Camping Bungalow Pedra & Cupa, covers of an area of 50,000 m2, of which 20,000 m2 are forested, and is located 50 meters from the sea.

It is in an inlet that includes a large beach with pure white sand, a gently sloping sea bottom and small cliffs at its tips.

Sardinia’s ever-present breeze creates a gentle climate and great windsurfing opportunities. Nearby small islands that are true fishing paradises can be reached by boat.

If all of that isn’t enough to satisfy you, Camping Bungalow Pedra & Cupa also gives you the option of spending the evening at local folklore shows and other entertainment events.
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