Campeggio Beaulard

Description of the facility

Campeggio Beaulard is located at the foot of the Alps in the Upper Susa Valley. It has been managed since 2012 by a company formed by a group of historic campers, and is ideal for a relaxing stay surrounded by nature. The focus of this project is the needs of the camper, on which the new guideline for the management of the campsite was created. The campsite was established in the early 1970s and is set in a beautiful pine forest where it has always attracted nature and winter sports lovers.
Thanks to the new management, several improvements have been made on the premises: total renovation of the facilities to ensure the safety of the common room, library set-up, free board games and table tennis, complete closure with fencing equipped with 24-hour video surveillance to ensure the safety and tranquility of guests.
There are several options available for guests to stay at the campsite. You can stay with your own tent in dedicated areas immersed in the pine forest, or stay in caravans that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. The latest facilities to arrive at the campsite are the PODs, equipped with 2 beds, heated with bed linen and a veranda with table and chairs. There are also areas for potential permanent clients who wish to create their own custom mobile homes with electricity, water and gas connections. Two small wooden Chalets with bathroom, kitchen and 2/4 beds have recently become available.
There are several services within the campsite for every need: heated toilet blocks with free use of hot water, dishwashing and washing facilities, free internet station, playground for children, bar/restaurant. Also, common room with free wi-fi equipped with board games, library with various texts and ping-pong table.
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