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Discover Apulia’s magnificent splendor!

Apulia is undoubtedly home to some of the world’s nicest beaches. This wonderful region, kissed by two seas, brims with beachfront properties stealing your heart. North of Apulia rises the majestic Gargano headland, renowned for its well-extended beaches, white cliffs, nature and great deal of promotions offered by family-friendly campsites and villages. Down south it is possible to admire the wonders of Salento , a thin land bar kissed by the Ionian and the Adriatic sea.

The Ionian coast is famous for its enchanting beaches of white sand and pristine waters which are oftentimes compared to those of the Maldives. Besides being designed for trendy tourists seeking fun, this area also makes a great choice for families and couples who can find properties able to meet their requirements. The well-extended coasts of the Adriatic sea offer a typically Mediterranean landscape where rocky stretches and sweet sandy beaches go hand in hand. Here, the sea gets deeper and its turquoise and intense blue color makes it similar to gemstones.

On you will be able to choose among a great variety of campsites, villages and residences a few steps from wonderful beaches. You can decide on which areas you prefer to visit based on their proximity to the property and beach and find the services that will make your holidays in Apulia truly unforgettable.

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