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Luxury campsites for nature lovers

Glamping is the fusion of 2 words: glamour and camping, that is, luxury campsites for lovers of comfort and a touch of glamour, without ever giving up on nature.

This formula allows everyone, including those who do not like campsites or have had negative experiences, to change their mind and give a chance to this kind of comfortable and eco-friendly holiday in contact with nature .

Where should we start from other than Sardinia, the island of luxury, breathtaking views and crystal-clear sea, the most popular destination with celebrities and tourists from all over the world?

In Sardinia there are all the best ingredients to spend the best glamping holiday possible, whether you are a fan of sandy or rocky beaches and nature, or a lover of history and local traditions.

In Sardinia’s glamping villages you will find lodge tents, chalets and eco-sustainable mobile homes with hotel-like attention to detail, touches of high design and comfortable furnishings.

This fantastic holiday won’t be as such without discovering the territories of Sardinia, a simple land rich in history and traditions. Therefore, let yourself be enthralled by Sardinia and enjoy a unique experience.

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