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Relaxation, nature and adrenaline

Are you a sports lover and can you not give up on it even while on holiday? In Emilia Romagna we know how to help you enjoy an active holiday.

Sports holidays in Emilia Romagna make everyone happy: you can play tennis or volleyball on the beach while your family relax in the sun, or cycle or run along the interminable paths that line the seafront on the whole Riviera. Instead, if you prefer more relaxing sports, you can enjoy a game of golf surrounded by greenery.

If you need to be in contact with nature even while on holiday and escape from crowded beaches, Emilia Romagna gives you lots of trekking possibilities: from Nordic walking in the Valle del Conca to easy walking in the Apennines or trekking through trails of ancient historical roads such as Via Flaminia or Via degli Dei.

Are you an adventurous person? Give a touch of adrenaline to your sports holidays in Emilia Romagnaby enjoying adventure parks with tree trails, rafting, riverboarding, Tarzaning, parachuting and much more.

However, it’s not all about summer! You can spend sports holidays in Emilia Romagna in winter too. There are lots of ski and snowboard slopes where to have fun with your family and friends. Among the best known locations are Monte Cimone, Cerreto Laghi and Corno alle Scale.

Instead, if you like watching sports while sitting comfortably, Emilia Romagna offers sports events to suit all tastes:MotoGp, Gp Ferrari, basketball matches, Serie A football matches and much more.

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