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Resort Villaggio Baia Del Silenzio

Book First Summer 2023

Book First Summer 2023
€ 39
Per person
Valid for stays from 01/06/2023 to 18/09/2023
Nights: 1

It may seem strange to talk about it now, but there is a good reason to plan your next summer vacation at Baia del Silenzio with the whole family.

With the Book First 2023 offer, you can get a "sea" of advantages.

You will avoid the stress of chasing unlikely last minute deals, but above all you can get much lower prices compared to bookings made in the middle of summer. Experience teaches us that playing in advance is advantageous: the savings are truly advantageous. Book First Summer 2023 Offer

To activate the Book First offer, simply pay a 30% deposit by April 30, 2023.

Greater benefits if you have already been a guest of Baia del Silenzio: a additional discount is available for customers! In addition, the offer is also valid for the month of August!

Give your whole family a great gift: secure your beach vacation in Palinuro and don't think about it anymore.

Your only thought will be to pack your suitcases!